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Some "Care Instructions" as well as return policy:

Each toy is made by me for you with love and patience and I ask that you take great care of these little critters. The instructions on the yarn I use states that you could machine wash and dry it but for the sake of the "animal(s)" I would recommend to spot clean with warm water and air drying not only to help your product "live" longer but also to not lose any of the small plastic parts attached to your item (eyes, nose, buttons, etc). If you do chose to machine wash, I would recommend you place amigurumi in a pillowcase (tie a knot at the top of the pillowcase) so no zipper or hooks (from undergarments) can rip the delicate stitches. Hang dry/air dry the little critter (I believe it to be better for the fabric in the long run and again to not lose any of the little parts). I will not replace any items (specially damaged ones) so please please please take good care of them. If you have changed your mind you can return any item(s) within 2 weeks of receipt for a refund of the original amount paid. Item(s) must be returned in original packaging, clean and undamaged.  Refund will be issued only after receipt and inspection of items. 

An "Allergy Warning" is in order:

All my products are made in a smoke-free, dog friendly environment. Also when I do travel, most times, I bring my work with me, so if there are pets I do not stop my work (I do not, however, work in smoking environments). Since I personally "hand-make" all my creations and I do not know you (the buyer) personally I take great care to ensure that no pets come in contact with my supplies (yarn, accessories, finished products, etc). However I cannot guaranty that their presence (the pets' of course) will not affect those with allergies. 

Now a "Choking Hazard Warning and Release of Liability" is in order:

 This part is a bit boring but it is to make sure that everyone understands that as with anything else there are risks to buying any item(s) with small parts. The fashion accessories (scarves, hats, mittens, headbands, etc) have small parts and can cause chocking as well as strangulation.  The amigurumis (crochet dolls) have noses, eyes, buttons, stuffing and other little things that could be a chocking hazard. By purchasing from Little Coy Fish (me), you (the buyer) assume all responsibilities for the use of the item(s). All products I sell are handmade and contain some detachable parts. My creations should not be given to young children.If you chose to do so make sure you NEVER leave a young child unattended. Custom orders can be embroidered (i.e.: detachable nose and safety eyes can be embroidered on instead of attaching plastic pieces) however there may still be a chocking hazard. Small parts such as buttons can be replaced by felt buttons, but once again, I cannot stress enough that there may still be chocking hazards. I cannot be held liable for injuries or other trauma associated with my products. By purchasing (and of course going through with the purchase) the buyer acknowledges that he/she/they understand(s) and agree(s) to the terms of purchase as well as the disclaimer and assumes all responsibly upon receipt of item(s).

For other question/comments/concerns please feel free to contact me at littlecoyfish@gmail.com

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