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Long time no "blog"

Long time no "blog"

Oh my gooooodness!!! Wow, time flies by whether you're having fun or not I guess. It might not seem like it some days but when you take a minute to look back at what you've been doing all this time you start to realize that this minute turned into weeks or even months. 

All this to say that I haven't been back at this blog thing or up keeping the website in a few months I want to say and I am sorry… if anyone reads this… I am sorry!

Home life just took control over the reins and just took me for a little ride in these last few months. Between travel, swimming lessons, orders, projects, back to school, soccer, more projects, Halloween, more travel, more projects sickness and injuries… and now more travel and projects and still soccer… wow days are full. Well they seemed full at the end of each days, but lately it feels like I'm not doing much but crocheting for the same orders (for family who don't put deadlines on your work so you tend to procrastinate kinda order). At the end of the day I feel exhausted and yet I feel like I've done nothing.

To explain a bit further, I injured myself about a week ago. I try to stay as active as possible (with a 21 month old at home), so I go to the gym between 3-5 times a week for 1-2 hours and when I can I go running at least a 5K if I can (although last time I did that I pulled something in my calf… just my luck, right?), but the biggest form of exercise and sanity for me is my yoga. I LOOOOVE yoga. It just calms me down, it focuses me, it works me out, it relaxes me and for a great health benefit it actually fixes my back and neck problems that I've had since I was much younger. So you get it, I practice yoga. I'm not a beginner by any means but I wouldn't say I'm super mega twist-and-bend-ever-which-way kinda advance, or even cross my legs over my arms as I'm doing an arm balance… I'm intermediate, let's just say. ANYWAY - getting to the point - I was trying to strengthen my core while doing tripod (a head stand pose) and while completely inverted I lost my focus and my balance and rolled back out of the pose… not so well done, and while rolling my neck cracked and pulled a muscle where my neck and right shoulder connect. Although a bit shaken and pride hurt, I pick myself up and duff my pants off and everything if back to normal. I practice this pose and a few other inversions (for strengthening) a few times a day, but about two week later my body finally gives up and says enough and after not sleeping well because of a sick kid, and an attempt at a stretch in bed (after that bad night sleep) *click* something catches in my neck/shoulder and I am stuck. It took a major effort and some tears to get out of bed and drag myself to the top of the stairs where I called upon the help of my wonderful hubby. A few hours later, an ER visit and lots of high dosed pain meds and about an hour of drugs induced sleep I'm not stuck anymore but still in pain. Fast forward to now (about a week later) and although not in pain or stuck anymore I'm under doctor's orders to not do any strenuous exercise for two weeks… AAAARRRRGGGG!!! I'm active… so of course I'm going out of my mind and my family of course suffers for it. It's their fault, if they did as I asked promptly every time I ask then there would not be a crazy lady in this house! 

At least I got to get a some of my orders finished and placed in good homes… I can't clean the house, I'm not supposed to do strenuous exercise ;) (strictly kidding of course, I do clean my house still, otherwise who's gonna do it, am I right? Am I right???). I've gotten all my kids' clothes organized and swapped out (from summer to winter and right sizes -shirts and pants were starting to look like crop tops and capris). So I've been productive but I a bit of hermit and that's just sad for me as I need other human interaction (besides my husband and kids… husbands make terrible girlfriends and kids just seem to aggravate your yearning for adult conversations). But all in all I can still say that these past few months have flown by - THANK GOODNESS!

I will try to do a better job of updating this blog… although I'm sure I'm just "journaling" to myself at this point :) but that's okay. I've said it before, I'll say it again, it's fun and it's a odd form of therapy, plus it almost makes me feel like I can connect to others or they can maybe relate… I don't know… maaaayyyybe!


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