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Back from vacation

Back from vacation

We just took the family on a mini vacation. I told myself that I would not crochet while I was gone… well I kinda didn't. I went to the big yarn store while the hubby was working and started a new project. Yeah, started is the key word. I started and then I started enjoying my vacation and now that we are back I'm hurting!!! My hand cramps just holding the yarn, so I will take it slow and keep working a little longer every time I pick up the hook again. 

A shark! New project - a shark for my son! Ever since I've started really getting into crocheting, my little buddy has asked for something. Every time I make something he asks in his cutest semi-excited voice "Did you make this for me??" and every time I have to say no I feel bad. 

It's tough to get back in the groove of things when you've been away and especially when summer is now over. It's a great time for me since my son has gone back to school it's just less hectic and now I can actually work on my crafts during the day while my daughter takes her nap, but it's been a little tough to make myself get back to work. THIS is my "vacation". This is the time when I have time to just sit and relax… well, to a certain extent. I still have to run errands, take care of the house, daughter, dog and cat and I have to make sure that everything is good. I guess it's nice to just sit but if I don't work during the day I have to make up time at night and then no "me" time ever. I'm getting it back together little by little - after all it's only been two days since my boy has started school. 

Okay… enough rambling - back to work. I have a few orders to make and my son's project to put together so I'm gonna bolt!

Pictures to come… soon!

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